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About Contents Downloader (Application for Android TV)

As of Dec 2022

What is a contents downloader?

You can download 8K videos, photos and other contents taken with a smartphone from Google Drive ™※1 (cloud storage) to a USB device※3 which can be connected to a compatible ※2. The contents saved in the USB device of the TV can be played back with the ※4 content player function of the TV.
If you play it on a compatible 8K compatible TV, you can enjoy it on a large screen while keeping the image resolution in 8K.

※1 You must agree to the Google Drive Terms of Service. To use it, you need to connected to a network.
※2 Check the following compatible models for TV that can use the application.
※3 Refer to the instruction manual of the TV you are using, to check the conditions of the USB device that can be used.
※4 You can play videos, photos, and music. Check the instruction manual of the TV you are using for the supported file formats.
It may not be displayed correctly depending on the resolution, frame rate, and transfer rate.
For example, videos shot vertically with a smartphone may be displayed horizontally, or videos with a frame rate of 120 fps and a transfer rate more than 100 Mbps cannot be displayed correctly.
  • Use of each Android™ feature may require you to agree to Google LLC's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Google, Google Play, Android TV and Google Drive are trademarks of Google LLC.

Compatible models

  • EG1X series (Asia model)
  • DW1X series (Asia model)
  • DL1X series (Asia model)
  • DK1X series (Asia model)
  • EP1 series (Japan model)
  • EJ1 series (Japan model)
  • ES1 series (Japan model)
  • EQ1 series (Japan model)
  • EQ2 series (Japan model)
  • EU1 series (Japan model)
  • EN1 series (Japan model)
  • EN2 series (Japan model)
  • EL1 series (Japan model)
  • DX1 series (Japan model)
  • DP1 series (Japan model)
  • DW1 series (Japan model)
  • DS1 series (Japan model)
  • DQ1 series (Japan model)
  • DQ2 series (Japan model)
  • DN1 series (Japan model)
  • DN2 series (Japan model)
  • DL1 series (Japan model)
  • DJ1 series (Japan model)
  • CX1 series (Japan model)※5
  • CQ1 series (Japan model)※5
  • CN1 series (Japan model)※5
  • CL1 series (Japan model)※5
  • BN1 series (Japan model)※5
  • BL1 series (Japan model)※5
  • BJ1 series (Japan model)※5
  • BW1 series (Japan model)※5
※5 You need to install the application on your TV from Google Play.
  • The specifications of "Contents Downloader" are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policyー

Before using the contents downloader,it is necessary to read and agree the contents of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Is it necessary to update the software of the TV for using this application?
You may need to update to the latest software.
A player function to play downloaded videos and photos will be added, you can use the remote control's colour button to move the stored folder easily. (Mid October 2020)
You can check the latest software information below. (Japanese page)
Support applications for Android TV     Android™  :  9.0
Unable find the application on Google Play.
Please check on a compatible TV. Unable find the app other than compatible TVs.
The application is unable to start.
Compatible TV is necessary to connect to the Internet. In addition, it is necessary to connect the USB device.
Where are the downloaded files saved?
It is saved in the USB device.
It cannot handle file sizes larger than 4GB.
(It depends on the video shooting conditions, as a guide, 8K: about 7 minutes, 4K: about 16 minutes, 2K: about 32 minutes)
What are the recommended specifications for USB device?
Recommend a USB device with Type A terminal and capacity less than 32GB.
When playing 8K video with a low-speed USB device, the video may be stuttered and may not be played correctly.
Please use a USB device that allows high-speed access such as USB3.0 support.
In addition, used USB device must be formatted in FAT32.
Which folder in the USB device will the file be saved in?
Downloaded file is saved in the following.
If you update the main unit software, you will be able to save it in the root (top folder) of the USB device. (Supported models only)
You can check the latest software information below. (Japanese page)
Can't log in to Google Drive from the application.
Please check whether your Google account is correct.
Please check whether you can log in from your computer.
Can I download files from cloud storage other than Google Drive?
Can I upload files saved on a USB device from my TV to Google Drive?
Can I check the contents of the content file saved in Google Drive?
You can check only the file name, date and time when it was saved, and size of the file.
Check file contents and manage files from your smartphone or computer.
Cannot select video or still image files in Google Drive.
You can select the file format of video (MP4), still image (JPEG) and music (MP3).
Additionally, the following cases cannot be selected.
  • When the file size is more than 4GB
    (Try reducing the data, such as resolution conversion)
  • If there are no files in the same folder
    (Try changing the file storage location on your computer.)
  • When the file format is not supported, such as documents used on a personal computer
    (Videos and still images taken with iOS devices need to be converted to compatible file formats)
  • The file type cannot be recognized correctly while uploading.
    (Try uploading again with another application)
What is the estimated time required for uploading and downloading?
The required time varies depending on the network speed of the Internet line.
For example, a file size of 100MB,
Network speed: 100 Mbps → about 8.4 seconds, 40 Mbps → about 21 seconds
If you return to the TV broadcast or use another application, the download will fail halfway.
Settings are required to continue download in the background.
Since the system load and traffic will increase during the downloading, the downloading is limited to the use of the app in the initial state.
Is it possible to play the file downloaded to the USB device on another TV or computer?
Any playable file supported by the TV or PC can be supported.